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Special Tour

Udon Tour


The udon noodle served in Kagawa prefecture is famous throughout Japan branded as Sanuki Udon(Sanuki is the old name for Kagawa prefecture).


You can experience how to make Sanauki Udon and enjoy eating it at udon schools such as Nakano Udon School. We can attend with you there and interpret what the teachers say in English.


Bonsai Tour

Takamatsu boasts 80% of Japan’s cultivation of  pine bonsai trees(potted small trees) in its western area, the suburbs of Kinashi and


Bonsai became famous worldwide, so many foreigners visited there recently. We can attend you there and interpret conversations between you and the bonsai gardeners.


Seto Inland Sea Cruising

There are a lot of islands in The Seto Inland Sea. You can cruise to various islands among them. Cruising boats are dedicated for you during the time. The scenery is amazing in Naoshima, Teshima, Shodoshima, Ogijima islands and so on.


Especially Naoshima is so famous for art works and museums recently.  We can attend with you in the cruising tour and interpret English and Japanese.


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