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Kagawa SGG’s guide services are dedicated in the Kagawa prefecture area colored green in the map.

Takamatsu City is a capital of Kagawa prefecture. There are some access routes to Takamatsu City from foreign countries, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and so on.


1.By Airplane (ANA, JAL)

     Haneda AP(Tokyo)-Takamatsu AP

        Approx. 1 hr. 25 min.

2.By Rail Way (JR)

     Shinkansen(bullet train) and  Marine Liner          via Okayama      



​    Approx. 4hrs. 30 min.

Access from JR Takamatsu Station

1.Takamatsu Area

   1.Ritsutn Garden(2.5 km)

    ・ Kotoden Electric Tram                     30 min.

    ・ Bus                                                  20 min.

   2. Mt.Yashima(7 km) 

    ・ Kotoden Electric Tram & Bus          40 min 


   3. Shikokumura Village(5 km)

    ・ Kotoden Electric Tram                    30 min

   4. Tamamo Park(200 m)

    ・ JR Takamatsu Station Area

   5. Kinashi=Bonsai(5 km)

    ・ JR Railway                                      20 min

   6.Nakono Udon School Takamatsu (10 km)

    ・ Kotoden Electric Tram                    30min

  7.Takamatsu Airport

    ・ Airport Limousine Bus                     40min

2.Kotohira Area

   1.Kotohira-gu Shrine (32 km)

    ・Kotoden Electric Tram                   60 min.

   2. Nakono Udon School Kotohira (32 km)

    ・Kotoden Electric Tram                   60 min

3.Seto Inland Sea Islands

   1.Naoshima (15 km)

    ・Ferry /High speed Boat                  50/25 min

   2.Teshima(25 km)

    ・High Speed Boat                            35 min

   3.Shodoshima(25 km)

    ・Ferry /High speed boat                   60/35 min

   4.Ogijima & Megijima(8 km)

    ・Ferry Boat                                       40 min


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