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Guide Policy

We would like you to accept the following Kagawa SGG guide policy. 

After reading through this our guide policy, please fill out the Application Form for your guided tour request.


1.Guiding spots

   We usually provide guide services for 5 main spots in Kagawa Prefecture.


      A:Ritsurin Garden, B:Tamamo Park, C:Mt.YashimaD:Shikokumura Village and



   If your request includes the following spots, we will accommodate you as much as


      F:Kompira-gu Shrine,

     G:The Seto Inland Sea islands; Teshima, Shodoshima and Ogijima&Megijima 



 Our guide services are available basically for free, however we would like to ask you

 to pay the following fees to a Kagawa SGG guide after you meet the guide.

  (1) Public transportation fees.

  (2) When you meet the Kagawa SGG guide at an island port such as Naoshima Port or 

      Teshima Port, would you pay the round trip ship fee to the guide between Takamatsu Port

       and the island port? )

  (3) Admission fees to parks, museums, temples and so on.

  (4) Lunch cost when the guiding involves lunch time. 

3. Other conditions

​ (1) Neither Kagawa SGG nor the guides accompanying you are responsible for any        

    injuries, theft, loss and/or damages to possessions, and/or similar events that may

    occur during the services.

 (2) We will provide 1 or 2 guides for your tour, but more than 2 for a large group .  

 (3) We do not provide night or overnight tours.

 (4) We do not use private or rental cars.

 (5) Photos of the guests that are taken during the tour may be used by Kagawa SGG for

    the purpose of reporting our activities . We will not disclose any of these photos to the   

    public, such as on our Website or Facebook without guest approval.

               After reading through the above, please go to Application Form

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