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Ritsurin Garden


Ritsurin Garden, a superlative Japanese garden, was constructed for the feudal lord in this area, Takamatsu domain, in the Japanese Edo era (1603-1868).

After the Meiji restoration in 1868, the garden was opened to the general public.

This garden was designated as our

nation's Special Place of Scenic Beauty by the Japanese government in 1953.

In addition, in 2009, the Michelin Green Guide Japan awarded the garden 

3 stars which means the garden is by all means worth a visit.

In Nanko(south pond), you can enjoy boating too.

Tamamo Park
(the Site of Takamatsu Castle )

Takamatsu Castle was constructed in 1590. The castle is famous for facing directly to the Seto Inland Sea .

As feudal lords, Ikoma clan and Matsudaira clan governed the Kagawa prefectural area in the Japanese Edo era.

Takamatsu city, the castle town, is now prosperously succeeding its function as the capital from the Edo era.


takamatsu castle

From the top of Mt Yashima, you can enjoy the serenity of the Seto Inland Sea. The Seto Inland Sea, including Mt. Yashima, was selected as the first 

Japanese National Park in 1934. 


Kagawa Prefecture faces The Seto Inland Sea. Lots of islands, large and small, are scatterd across the sea. The peaceful green of these islands and the calm blue of the sea make for exquisite scenery.


Shikokumura Village

On the foot of Mt.Yashima, old rustic houses from around Shikoku have been relocated.

In this village, for example, you can understand how people lived in

mountainous areas, and how they produced local products such as sugar and Washi(Japanese paper).



Naoshima ,located in the center of The Seto Inland Sea, is becoming increasingly famous all over the world for its prominent art museums and public art displays.


Naoshima is just fifty minutes by ferry boat from Takamatsu City.

While cruising, you can enjoy viewing lots of islands, large and small.

seto inland sea

The Seto Inland Sea islands

This video was taken offshore of Takamatsu Port.

In addition to Naoshima, you can easily

visit other islands  in The Seto Inland Sea such as Shodoshima, Teshima and Ogijima & Megijima by  passenger or ferry boats from Takamatsu Port.


Kotohira-gu Shrine


This shrine is so famous that many 

people have visited from throughout Japan since the Japanese Edo era.

Please challenge yourself to climb up the 785 stone steps to the main shrine. 

You can look down the beautiful scenery of the Sanuki plains from there.

In this area, there is also Kanamaruza Theater which is Japan’s oldest surviving, complete Kabuki playhouse. Every spring, Kabuki plays are

performed by famous Kabuki actors from Tokyo.

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